Magdalena Jackowska-Rejman

Co-founder of D-raft Corporate Accelerator and techBrainers, a member of Innovatika Group, dealing with technology scouting (supplying technology solutions for corporate R&D departments). Investor in Netsprint, a company referred to as "the Polish Google". Former executive board member of Hilverse and multi-year partner of high-tech fund Investin. Former CEO of DencoLogic, holding a US patent for technical solution for navigation on mobile and laptops. In the years 2011-2014 responsible for strategy and program realisation of Intel Business Challenge Europe, worked with the network of organizations affiliated to this competition across Europe. In that time responsible for design and development of the tool for registration, coaching and evaluation of Intel incubation program. Co-founder and investor in two start-ups ITSUMO and MJR Construction. Board advisor in the field of R&D functioning and optimization. Awarded with the 2013 Polish Business Pearl by Gazeta Finansowa weekly.



tel. +48 606 245 993

Laurent Uhres

Partner and the Vice-President of techBrainers. An expert in the area of technology scouting, innovation audits and the creation of management systems for R&D. He has been working in Poland since 2011 – mainly as a consultant and advisor for several innovation agencies, which he aids in acquiring new clients and rendering services. Previously, Laurent was a part of IEE’s team, where he was responsible for the development of next generation 3D imaging internal detectors for cars. He is the author of software for International Space Station. He has also managed the brand and new products development for SES - the biggest owner and operator of communication satellites. He is the founder of Learn for the Future Foundation that focuses on creative education of children with the use of modern teaching methods. Laurent is also a composer and producer of music, videos, as well as films and games.



+48 22 529 43 90

Katarzyna Wszoła

Responsible for new product development and internationalization. Executive Secretary of the Management Board of Science and Infrastructure Management Association federating 60 academia and public research institutions in Poland. PhD candiate at Warsaw School of Economics. In cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute responsible for Technology Scouting in Poland. Previously Business Development Manager in Euro-Funding Advisory Group active R&D Management Consulting and public and EC innovation stimulus. Previously worked at the Lublin University of Technology responsible for international cooperation and technology transfer. Graduate of R&D Infrastructure Management Programme at Fraunhofer Institute, Max Planck Gesellschaft, the Technical University of Dresden and IBM in New York. Master of linguistics (fluent in English and French) from the University of Maria-Curie Skłodowska in Lublin.



tel. +48 506 147 371

Mariola Gromadzik
Mariola Gromadzik

Too busy :)



tel. +48 695 024 102

Monika Moreń

Completed her studies in the field of Administration - European Integration. She earned her Master's degree at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw, defending her thesis " "Fighting trafficking in international public law". She has gained professional experience in several companies, starting as a Lecturer at PKP CARGO S.A., Public Procurement Officer at Konsalnet Holding S.A. Then as the Receptionist in the Lexus Warszawa-Wola sp. z o.o. salon. The next step in her career was the Assistant Director's Office at the Murator Expo. Another experience gained at the position of Specialist in Administration and Finance at INVESTIN sp. Z o.o. And at the same time also as the Administration and Finance Specialist in the Foundation for Advanced Technologies (organizer of Congresses E(x)plory). She finished the courses: Office Manager, Human Resources and Payroll Specialist, Recruitment and Selection Specialist. Since 2012 he has been dealing with the administration of the office. Since March 2017, she has been an Office Manager in techBrainers.



tel. +48 792 995 933

Leszek Zaremba
Leszek Zaremba

Over 10 years of experience in innovation. Director of Research and Innovation Department at KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., co-responsible for managing the innovation in the Company, managing the portfolio of research and development projects, establishing a knowledge management system and building a Knowledge Center within the Capital Group. Previously, he gained experience at the Research and Development Center at KGHM CUPRUM. Responsible for organizing the innovation and project management system, portfolio management of projects implemented in the Company and business development. In techBrainers he is the author of the methodology for defining Strategic Research Agenda, which he implemented while being responsible for preparing SRA for the Kampus+ Program. Contributor of the Total Innovation Audit methodology and Pilot Maker Pilot Program, and then Project Operations Coordinator.



tel. +48 730 389 993

Agata Juzyk

For nearly a decade she was head of R&D at KGHM, first as the Department Manager of KGHM Cuprum R&D Center and later in Research & Innovation at the position of Executive Director of KGHM Polska Miedź SA. Previously, she served as Key Account Manager at Arvato Services Polska. Graduate of International Relations at the Faculty of Law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, as well as the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, one of the most important business schools in the world and the Colorado School of Mines. Manager, leader and expert with many years of experience in managing large innovative projects, building innovation strategies, and managing projects that improve business efficiency, especially R&D.



tel. +48 535 224 999

DSC_2720 (2)
Igor Noremberg

Igor is a student of Strategic Management at the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw University of Technology. For several months he has been interested in a startup environment, which led to the completion of his dissertation entitled "Analysis and evaluation of management of startup organizations in ICT". He gained his first professional experience in the Principality of Media at Faurecia Automotive S.A. From the beginning of his studies he has been interested in projects and I participated in the Prince2 Foundation and the Agile PM Foundation. It is a check for the PMArt Scientific Project Management Circle where he co-organized the 2017 Engineering Design Conference. Privately he is a fan of sports, volleyball, travel and photography. In techBrainers he works as Business Analyst. He participates in the strategic projects of the Research Agenda and the Audit of Global Innovation.



Katarzyna Kowalska

Co-Founder; Vice-President UNIMOS Coordinator. Development and International Cooperation in AgroBioKlustrze. Member of TCI Network and certified facilitator clusters Empretec / Proex. Since 2004 he has worked for the coordination of economic and technological cooperation between Europe and South America as part of the development programs of the European Commission and EU structural funds. A graduate of International Relations at the Faculty of Law of the Universidad de la Republica in Montevideo, now a doctoral student at the College World Economy.



dr Ewelina Zabost

An expert with 10 years of experience in High-Tech R&D development, R&D consulting, as well as carrying out the implementation of R&D projects and designing new teaching programmes concerning design thinking and entrepreneurship. She learned and developed her R&D-related skills and competences in institutions like: NASA Ames Research Centre, Fraunhoffer, IBM, Universität Technishe Dresden, and Stanford University. She has extensive knowledge in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Finance, Innovation, Design Thinking, Intellectual Property, Strategy Execution, Technology, Venture Capital, Start-Ups. In her career, she was responsible for several new technology valuations, including: technology market potential assessment, WIT , commercial potential analysis, design of technology commercialisation process, and estimation of technology commercialisation’s cost. She led the Masovian Chemical Cluster in their effort to receive the ESCA’s Silver Label. The MCC is now the second chemical cluster in Europe (after Chemical Cluster Bayern) to receive this prestigious distinction confirming the quality of management. Moreover, she has experience in implementing ISO 9001 system in companies. Aside from her professional responsibilities, she actively participates in the scientific and academic life.  She is a member of 4 international scientific associations (International Society of Electrochemistry, Bioelectrochemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, Controlled Release Society). Gave lectures at over 50 international conferences focused on presenting innovative scientific research and technologies. Co-author of scientific papers, reviewer for Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry. Awarded two gold and one silver medal, as well as the title of “Rising Star” byTaiwan Prominent Inventory League during two large international trade fairs (ENA, ARCA) for presenting innovative solutions and new materials used in tissue engineering and drug transportation.  Consults for the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) and National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) in the area of selected Polish operational programs (POWER, SIMS NCBiR). Used to be a board member of Top 500 Innovator Association. She is the Vice-President  of Science Infrastructure Management Support Association. One of the experts mentoring young talents participating in projects concerning R&D and entrepreneurship, such as High Tech Foundation (FZT) and Lesław A. Paga Foundation.

Contact: e.zabost@techbrainers.com Tel. +48 795 995 933

Krzysztof Trakul

Chief Financial Analyst, specializing in innovative technologies valuations, valuations of intangible assets. Supports and supervises research team in the implementation of market analysis, valuation and commercialization paths for advanced technology projects. As part of the professional career completed a series of complex financial projects m.in .: business plans, EU applications, credit applications, and valuations of companies for privatization. As an independent external consultant for 20 years with leading consulting firms in the country including the Polish Institute of Management. Graduated from the Central School of Planning and Statistics - now the Warsaw School of Economics, Postgraduate Studies Manager at the Faculty of Management. In his career he specialized in issues of valuation of assets in the valuation of intangible assets. Since 1994, priced several dozen enterprises, including leading companies in the last few years carried out a number of valuations in the field of technology and patent rights for the various research institutions and enterprises, including 4 for IBS. Contact: k.trakul@techbrainers.com tel. +48 22 529 43 90

Joanna Zamojska

Student at SWPS University in Warsaw at the course of Neurosciences. Fascinated by the world of neuronal science, especially with regard to new technologies and their interaction with the human mind. A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics in the field of Project Management as part of the EU Youth Project Management Project. Active in the student community, participated in the organization of such projects as the International Week Warsaw ZSP SGH or "Day of the Brain" of Neuroscience Student Society. She gained professional experience in companies with Polish capital and large multinational corporations working in departments of marketing and human resources. In techBrainers works as Event Specialist.



Tel. +48 603 246 009

Tomasz Gutkowski

At TechBrainers responsible for the preparation of valuations and analysis of innovative technologies. Graduate School of Commerce and Law, majoring in Economics, with a specialization in corporate finance, as well as postgraduate studies at the Warsaw University of Technology with a specialization in real estate valuation. He gained experience working in financial departments of public institutions, as well as leading the company's own dealing with the control of the investment costs. He completed a number of courses and trainings in the capital market, the Forex market, as well as the valuation of the property.



tel. +48 22 529 43 90

Radosław Krzywicki

Member of the Supervisory Board of EBC Solicitors SA, President of Netrix IT Sp. Z o.o .. Economist. Technology Broker and specialist in raising capital for technology projects. Experienced member of numerous panels and evaluation committees. He has many years of experience in advising and managing business entities, supports one of the 7 National Key Cluster (ICT Mazovia Cluster), has R&D experience through cooperation with a certified R&D Center of Netrix S.A. He is a member of the platform – Eastern Business Angels Network. He is in Supervisory Boards of several companies, including public ones. He has experience in both the public administration (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development – PARP) and the private market. Since 2008, directly related to business development in the area of SMEs and StartUp. Now Mentor for startups in Pilot Maker, techBrainers.



tel. +48 600 428 625

Krzysztof Szulc

Co-ordinator and participant in international projects (INWAPO, ERICE from EU programs and "Partners for International Business" as part of the Dutch government program). He graduated from the Military Technical Academy in the field of Geodesy and Cartography, specializing in photogrammetry and remote sensing. He graduated from the International Trainings Train the Trainers program in 2014-2015 from the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence program in Barcelona. Certified European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis expert in Berlin and an internationally recognized expert on cluster organization assessment. He represented the Mazovian region at the international meetings of the NEREUS network "Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies". Panelist and moderator at international conferences, as well as co-organizer of foreign study tours, workshops, fairs and conferences. Saxophonist in private life. In techBrainers innovation manager and futureSpace group coordinator.



tel. +48 606 396 364

IMG_3006 (1)
Alexander Tokarev

I have many years of experience in science and research as well as in organizing scientific events, i.e. contests, conferences, festivals. I have been frequently awarded in scientific contests. Among my achievement there are e.g.: 1st prize in Intel Eco Ukraine (Kiev), Intel ISEF 2nd Grand Award in Environment Management (San Jose, USA). Lincoln Laboratory - Massachusetts Institute of Technology has rewarded my accomplishments by naming one of the planets in the solar system with my name. Currently I am a Coordinator of Intel Eco Ukraine contest and also a person responsible for development of IFSES international festival in Europe. As an external expert I publishe analytical articles about investment and innovation for InVenture and ToWave investment portals. An emerging lecturer of ‘Problems of the Market Economy’ in Wyższa Szkoła Menedżerska in Warsaw.



tel. +48 794 995 933