Polish innovations for electromobility

Polish innovations for electromobility

Innovative solutions based on blockchain technology or the industrial internet of things will be developed as part of the first round of Pilot Maker Elektro ScaleUp. The corporations involved in the program have chosen startups with whom they will cooperate.

From among several dozen startups that joined the first call for Pilot Maker Elektro ScaleUp, nine were selected – the solutions proposed by them were assesed as possible for commercial implementation on a large scale. The program partners that will benefit from innovation: TAURON, PKN ORLEN, Carrefour, Synerise, Siemens, PKP Telkol and investment fund Larq, owner of the NextBike city bike rental company.

The expectation of start-ups in the Pilot Maker program Elektro ScaleUp is to get the first big customer and scale the solution. Corporations strive to build a new, profitable business in the field of electromobility – explains Magdalena Jackowska-Rejman, president of techBrainers chosen by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development as the program operator. – We managed to capture both perspectives, which will result in the commercial implementation of truly innovative solutions – she adds.

We are pleased that large companies are interested in innovations that are so important for the development of the Polish economy and cooperate with young entrepreneurs. Electromobility is an industry that needs strong support and its potential is huge. Thanks to the cooperation of corporations and ingenious start-ups, we have the chance to implement future-oriented solutions that will develop Polish companies, opening the door for foreign markets and raising our technological level – said Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak, deputy minister of investment and development.

Start-up Elmodis will develop the industrial internet of things in the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. This will allow you to quickly detect problems in their operation by diagnosing abnormal behaviors, including those related to vehicles, connectors or cables. – Our solutions will increase the efficiency of chargers from a few to a dozen or so percent. With operating costs amounting to several hundred million PLN, we therefore offer savings of several dozen million PLN – estimates Artur Hanc, president of Elmodis.

The development of electromobility requires advanced IT solutions. Fleetnet will expand the software for maintenance-free rental of electric cars. The project includes remote service of vehicles through communication with them using telemetry devices. The system created by Enelion will serve to manage power in charging stations – If at the same time one hundred thousand drivers want to charge their electric cars in low-power chargers, there will be a demand for 1 gigawatt of power in the network. It’s a huge value! For comparison, the current power plant in Poland is 20-25 gigawatts – explains Krzysztof Wasielewski, president of Enelion. – Our software will allow you to react dynamically when the power demand is too high. The system will promote charging vehicles at night when there are surplus energy production – he explains.

MC2 Energy and FlexiDao are working on the use of blockchain in electromobility. The use of this technology in the process of charging electric vehicles allows to automate deliveries and settlements between participants of the electromobility market: energy suppliers, land owners, charger operators or payment agents. Blockchain will also allow customers to show what is the source of energy that the vehicle loads. Thanks to this energy corporations will be able to guarantee that the electricity used has been produced from renewable energy sources.

Within Pilot Maker Elektro ScaleUp there is also a startup Duellera that wants to create the first in Poland and one of the few long-term rental electric bicycles in Europe for individual consumers and group entities, including local governments. The company wants to deliver personalized vehicles tailored to the needs of its customers. It will also offer IT tools for renting services, including a mobile application that communicates with the vehicle via special readers. A centralized battery charging system for electric bicycles will create BatteryCab. – We are working on special cabinets in which we will safely transport batteries. We will increase their efficiency and ensure their safety – explains Bartosz Częścik from BatteryCab.

Pilot Maker Elektro ScaleUp proves that Polish companies have huge potential for innovation. We extract them and give them a chance to develop on a large scale. This program really drives the development of technologically advanced infrastructure and information systems for the electromobility market – says Marcin Seniuk, director of the PARP Startup Development Department. – In the near future this may be an important sector of the Polish economy, also producing for export – he estimates.

The purpose of Pilot Maker Elektro ScaleUp is to commercialize 23 innovations for electromobility. Chosen start-ups receive expert support and can count on up to PLN 550,000 co-financing for the development of its innovations – no other program from the ScaleUp series, managed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, offers such a high subsidy. Start-ups interested in participating in the second round Pilot Maker Elektro ScaleUp can already apply to the program via website: www.pilotmaker.pl

Pilot Maker Elektro ScaleUp is financed from the Intelligent Development Operational Program, sub-measure 2.4.1. Analysis and pilot center of new inno_LAB instruments. More information on the program is available at www.poir.parp.gov.pl/elektroscaleup and www.pilotmaker.pl.