Innovation audit

Innovation audit

We examine the organization's maturity to create and manage innovations and propose actions that the company can undertake to increase the level of innovation maturity.

We carry out a comprehensive analysis of the organization in terms of innovation, going beyond the boundaries of the R&D department, thanks to which we allow to disclose the hidden potential of the company.

We work according to the internally original methodology of Total Innovation Audit ©, which assumes that stable growth is possible thanks to the implementation of the best innovation management practices at every level of the organization

Assessment of the current state of the enterprise (at each level of the organization) in terms of the ability to generate, absorb and manage innovations as well as identify barriers that slow down the process of implementing new products to the market

Assessment of the level of innovation maturity of the organization in the context of dynamically changing market trends and customer needs

Indication of actions the company can undertake to increase the ability to compete effectively based on innovation, including areas requiring immediate intervention (quick wins)

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