Innovation management model

Innovation management model

In order for the innovation strategy and research agenda to fulfill their role, we design and implement an innovation management model for our Partners.

Our activities are aimed at preparing the organization for effective implementation of the indicated directions of development and include:

Operationalization plan

A detailed plan to operationalize strategic innovation goals. A plan prepared taking into account the current situation of the organization (including organizational structure, processes, resources, IT tools) along with an indication of resources that should be supplemented. It precisely indicates the schedule of activities and progress monitoring, including measurement indicators (KPI).

Designing R&D processes

We analyze existing R&D processes to design a framework process that aims to increase the efficiency of operations. We design stages of innovation development and evaluation criteria, giving the opportunity to test the results obtained on a regular basis, and thus flexible response. We conduct our work taking into account current situation of the organization in order to ensure the possibility of linking with other processes.

Portfolio management model

R&D project management is burdened with high risk due to the uncertainty of its results. This forces organizations to carry out many projects that are at different stages of development. The portfolio management model is an indispensable tool to identify / select projects in particular phases, estimate risk, prioritize and thereby balance the innovation funnel.

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