Strategic framework for innovation

Strategic framework for innovation

Increasing competition and dynamic technological progress make research, development and innovation play an increasingly important role in building long-term competitive advantages.

techBrainers offers tools to help define a strategic development framework based on innovation.

In our works, we take into account both - what is inside the organization, but also the external environment, including trends for the industry and related industries, the expectations of customers and other stakeholders, legal regulations.

Megatrends’ workshops

Inspirational workshops dedicated mainly for management boards. They are aimed at presenting trends and benchmarks from given and related industries, which may have an impact on the organization in order to verify current and define new directions of development.

Innovation strategy

It is an obligatory tool for shaping the innovation policy of the organization. Consistent with the development strategy, it defines key challenges and goals that the organization sets for innovations in particular areas of operation. The strategy is a signpost for the Managements of companies that want to build long-term competitive advantages based on innovation.

Research agenda

An in-depth analysis aimed at defining initiatives and projects that the organization should undertake to implement the innovation strategy, including filling the gap between the current state and the defined target vision. It represents a set of needs in the area of R&D as well as the initiatives responding to the identified needs in connection with strategic objectives, implementation schedule, measurement indicators.

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