what is R&D Club ?

techBrainers R&D Club advocates and works for the development and strengthening of cooperation in regards to R&D between entrepreneurs and facilitates collaboration with scientific and institutional environment. R&D Club is a meeting point – a place you visit to extend your horizons, both professionally as well as personally. It is also a home of creative thoughts’ exchange, where opinions on various matters are formed.

R&D Club pursues its goals mainly through:

  • exploration and/or development of tools that can be applied to effectively utilise the R&D potential of Polish companies and research facilities;
  • actions meant to intensify cooperation within the R&D sector;
  • supporting international and local projects aimed at growth and integration of entrepreneurs, scientists and public institutions operating in the R&D sector;
  • creating conditions that facilitate the improvement of qualifications and professional skills of managing staff.

members about R&D Club


Dołączając do ekosystemu
innowacji R&D Club:

Jesteś w gronie ponad 160 Ekspertów i Liderów R&D i innowacji z 70 polskich i międzynarodowych firm z różnych branż.

Znajdziesz Partnerów do wspólnych projektów.

Dowiesz się jakie są możliwości pozyskania dofinansowania na projekty B+R+I.

Uzyskasz dostęp do bazy Startupów techBrainers.

Masz możliwość uczestnictwa w warsztatach merytorycznych i spotkaniach inspiracyjnych.

Uzyskasz dostęp do wszystkich klubowiczów online poprzez dedykowaną aplikację.

Poznasz najnowocześniejsze narzędzia do zarządzania innowacjami.

Nauczysz się efektywnie budować międzysektorowe Partnerstwa.

Dowiesz się jak efektywnie współpracować ze startupami - najlepsze praktyki scoutingu i akceleracji.

Zwiększysz znaczenie innowacji we wszystkich branżach i będziesz mieć wpływ na jej rozwój w Polsce.


Partner R&D Club

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“Today we know how to produce graphene, now we are looking for industries, in which it will start to be used. We are actively cooperating with partners such as techBrainers R&D Club, which brings together experts – heads and managers of the Polish and international R&D departments. Thanks to that we reach companies, institutions and experts dealing with implementation of technologies. There is a lot of interest and the challenges are big.”

Maciej Gałązka, AGP president






“The idea is excellent. I truly support it. The Polish R&D community should have federalize itself a long time ago and create a kind of an association so that yhe united voice of the community, especially when it comes to the needs of the partnership between Polish academies and institutions, the need of finantial stimulation, would finally be heard by different ministries”.

Dr Pierre Orlewski, Manager Open Innovation EMEA Goodyear Innovation Center Luxemburg


“The most important part in the integration of the R&D community is that, for the first time, we will have the opportunity to share best practices and techniques of organizing the research and development activities in our organizatrions”.

Maciej Bursztein, R&D Director Formaster SA

Frequently asked questions

Who can join techBrainers R&D Club? 

We invite directors and managers of R&D departments from small, medium and large companies, as well as every other person dealing with innovations and new technologies implementation on a daily basis. People working for consulting firms cannot join, however, for them we have prepared a different option – becoming an R&D Club Partner. For detailed information regarding the offer, please see the ‘R&D Managers’ column of the Value Proposition spreadsheet.

Who can become a partner of techBrainers R&D Club?

The partnership option is offered to entities such as: Academic Technology Transfer Centres, Technology Parks, clusters, Venture Capital Funds, and consulting firms.  For detailed information regarding the offer, please see the ‘Institutional Partners’ column of the Value Proposition spreadsheet.

How often do I need to pay the membership fee?

The membership fee is annual – paid once a year. The fee covers all benefits included in the Value Proposition.  The membership is automatically extended for additional one (1) year renewal terms, unless the party provides written notice to terminate the membership prior to the date specified by the R&D Club Membership terms.

How can I pay the membership fee?

We accept the following payment methods: wire transfer and PayPal. The payment shall be made after submitting a complete registration form.

Which of my profile information will be visible to other R&D Club members?

The R&D Club Membership Application Form allows to select data which are to be disclosed to other members. Mandatory fields, that are always visible to other members, are: first and last name, the name of the company and job title.

Can I transfer my membership to a colleague working for the same company?

Of course, such transfer is allowed. techBrainers must however be notified of such intent prior to the transfer. Upon receiving the notification, the account of an active member is removed and the new profile is created for a new member.

Can I send someone else in my stead to attend R&D Club events?

Such possibility exists, however techBrainers shall be notified in advance  as the creation of a new participant’s profile is required.

How is a technological needs profile created?

Determining technological needs is based on the completion of following stages:

  • defining strategic objectives by the client and identifying technological resources used to achieve them;
  • defining technological obstacles related to the use of available resources;
  • assessing the scope of modifications of technological solutions in use;
  • and creating a list of new technological solutions required by the company.


What is a brief in a technology scouting process?

Brief is a document providing detailed information regarding functionalities, characteristics, and the environment (compatibility) of the required solution.

What is the R&D Summit?

techBrainers R&D Summit is an annual conference during which key members of the R&D departments, as well as other members of the innovation ecosystem in Poland, gather in one place to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience. The conference’s agenda combines presentations, talks and panel discussions. The main objective of the conference is an active, face-to-face exchange of ideas and best practices relating to R&D’s management and efficiency. Additionally, the objective is to establish strategic goals which will decidedly impact all  further actions undertaken by the R&D Club.

How can inventors engage in the R&D Club’s activities?

There is no single uniform formula that could describe the nature of such cooperation. The terms of such engagement are individually discussed every time the need arises. In order to begin a cooperation, an inventor is required to send us a presentation outlining their competences and ongoing projects, which will then be presented to the R&D Club members. We encourage everyone to demonstrate their projects and ideas through ADD PROJECT section of the site.

What is the form of thematic meetings?

The thematic meetings are focused on up-to-date issues directly related to the prospective growth of R&D departments – both in the context of access to technological solutions as well as to types and sources of financing. The receptive atmosphere during our meetings enables direct contact among participants, so that the meetings allow for more than just acquisition of knowledge. During the meetings we encourage participants to exchange their experience and good practices.

How can I cancel my membership?

The membership can be cancelled at all times, however the membership fee is not refundable in cases when the termination notice is given after the beginning of the paid term. If you wish not to renew and terminate the membership after the expiration of the term, techBrainers must be given notice of such intent 2 months prior to the end of the term.