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New trends, new technologies, top tools and methods within the scope of R&D – all that you can find in R&D Club techBrainers. It’s time for the next step and present unique ways of creating innovative solutions through the eyes of TRIZ practitioners and international experts in the field.

On March 13, 2017, in Warsaw we will host the next event in the framework of R&D Club.

We invite you to a Seminar KICK – OFF TRIZ, which we organize in cooperation with a partner of our R&D Club – NOVISMO. The seminar is called KICK-OFF due to a particular reason. All the participants will be able to continue to learn TRIZ methodology taking part in the planned study tour to the Institute of NICE and the company Shenhua in China, where you will experience the effects of the application of TRIZ methodology.

During the seminar we will present key information about pragmatic Innovation based on the Theory of Solving Innovative Tasks (TRIZ) and selected case study. Occur leading specialists in this field:

  • professor Sergei Ikovenko – TRIZ Master, President of MA TRIZ, prof. MIT, creator of innovative teams, among others for Samsung, Intel, Siemens, GE, P & G, Hyundai, Kia, LG and many others around the world (USA). Topic of the lecture: Pragmatic Innovation – from idea to market success on the example of global corporations.
  • professor Oliver Mayer – PhD, Eng. Senior Principal Engineer, Lead MBB (Quality), TRIZ Level 4, GE Global Research, Munich (Germany). Topic of the lecture: Implementation of TRIZ in the environment of a large company on the example of the corporation GE.
  • Sun Yongwei PhD, DFSS / TRIZ Manager, Director of the National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy (NICE), R&D institute Shenhua Group (China). Topic of the lecture: The acceleration of innovation in the field of energy, the coal industry and research based on TRIZ, on the example of Chinese corporation – Shenhua Energy Company (191 in the world ranking TOP-500).

The second step will be a joint trip for training and study visit to China, where together we will experience the effects of the application of the methodology TRIZ in Chinese corporation Shenhua Energy Company in Beijing (those wil be the results of the implementation of TRIZ in the energy sector, and others – from the fundamental area of the coal industry until synergy of energy and technologies based on renewable energy sources).

Who should be interested in the Seminar?

  • Directors / Managers / Experts of R&D departments
  • Management of the company

All participants will receive materials on the methodology of TRIZ. Lectures will be held in English.

The event is free and the number of participants is limited. Members of R&D Club have priority in registration.

Those interested, please contact the Manager of R&D Club – Anna Kedziora-Zabost:, M: +48 796 995 933